about me

During my time at university, I was thinking about what kind of work I would do in the future.  Later, working as a freelancer in different kinds of jobs, I was thinking again, but this time about what was the link between these different jobs?

I made my way through my working life following my interests and passions. I just did things I liked, and thought would be interesting and exciting.

I worked at promoting reading - I am very much interested in digital possibilities  - and I am now working at my favorite place, a museum.

So the connection between all these kind of jobs is actually quite simple: it is education and communication, the cultural education,  which unites all my jobs.

Today I work as head of education for the Altonaer Museum and Jenisch Haus in the Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg.
I am a board member of the LAG Kinder- und Jugendkultur Hamburg, responsible for the field schools.

I am a member of the  Europeana Network Association. since October 2017 and of the  Regionalverband Museumspädagogik Nord since January 2018.

I am also working as a freelancer in the field of reading promotion, often as lecturer about  digital reading promotion, and also at a children reading club.

For several years, until  the beginning of 2017,  I worked at the Hamburger Kinderbuchhaus.