Kulturelle Bildung

Art we saw in Belgrade ....

Heike Roegler

At the Zepter museum 
"The core activity of the ZEPTER MUSEUM is to collect systematically, protect, study, exhibit and publish works of art. It is intended to gather together in one place the works and artists who can visualize the complex art scene in Serbia in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millennium."

We saw some really great and interesting pieces of art at the gallery. The one I liked the most was "The second class waiting room" by Miodrag Mica Popvic from 1977.

Ciglana / Téglagyár -  A place for alternative / off culture. In the past the place used to be a brick factory. Today it is a (sculpture) atelier, a bar, a place of exhibitions as well as a concert place. ...
In a way the art was a little disturbing but also very intense.

Some more pieces we saw in the streets of Belgrade.