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The journey - or how to use a flying carpet

Heike Roegler

Today at the kids reading club here in Hamburg, we were reading "journey" by Aaron Becker. Well, when I say reading, please don't think I refer to reading actual letters and words. The book from Aaron Becker has no words in it. You have to read the story by only looking at the illustrations. It is a story full of imagination and so many great details you won't want to stop looking.


The story is of a girl being very bored since nobody at home wants to play with her. She's sitting in her room - in a sort of bad temper - when her eyes see a red crayon out of nowhere.  And so  everything starts. Or doesn't it? There is the boy with the purple crayon in the street ... he was there even before the story started.

Anyway ... the girl draws a door on the wall of her room and finds the entrance to a beautiful enchanted world. There is a forest and a river ...

I don't want to give away the whole story. But for you to get the video of Silja an Henrik you need to know that the girls travels with a red paper ship, a balloon and a flying carpet.

After looking at the book we tried to figure out what kind of stop motion movie we could make. Everybody wanted to fold some paper boats. So there it was. And we had a great sea as well since we found a huge piece of blue paper.

movie studio

So the journey had to start with a boat. But we also found something looking similar to a flying carpet. And we had a bunch of Schleich figures and to make it even more special.

So we tried to come up with some magic ideas, so the boat could transform into a flying carpet. 

I like the idea of a world where pencils can change everything. But look for yourself.

Thank you Sarah, Silja and Henrik for the fun of making this movie.