Kulturelle Bildung

Heike Roegler

This was what happiness felt like - this wondrous, miraculous alternative to dread.

I just finished Meg Rosoff’s “There is no dog”. 

And I love it. It’s not like the other books of her and yet it is a typical one. Something about the world out of teenage perspective. …

The story follows the question of what kind of god will make a world like ours? What would it be if it is a teenage boy? 

It’s hard to pin the novel down. But that is the great thing about the book. It’s fun to read and so much to think about. It feels like smiling and frowning at the same time. 

So I would love to talk about it with some teenage reader.

And the title?  It took me a while to get it. :-) But it made me smile.