Kulturelle Bildung

We'll just keep going northward to the Moon.

Heike Roegler

Don’t read he last sentence first. It’s importand to keep that in mind.

I really love the books of Polly Horvarth. They are funny and full of adventures and fantasy. So of course I had to read the follow up book of “My one hundred adventures”.

Northward to the moon and further on. Just “beyond the earth’s edge”. That’s the route Jane and her family are taking. Of course not without some real adventures, seemingly endless (road)impressions, a crush and an impressive new family member.

At first Jane is really in it. “Leaving like outcasts” is her theme of the road trip the family is taking after Ned is fired as a french teacher (he doesn’t seem to speak french at all).

But the further they move the more surprises are waiting.  …

But the biggest surprise was the very last sentence of the story!

So just keep going …. 

"We have been driving a very long time on this stretch of tree-lined highway. At night the moon dangles tantalizingly at the end of the road as if it hangs just beyond the earth’s edge. I imagine a highway that few know about that runs up to the Yukon, then heads not just northwards but upward to the moon. And the astronauts who set foot there find some old Chevys. Inside them are girls still in 1960s mod mind dresses, …"